RM 2.2 Add a file to a non-file resource

Nicolas FR

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If you create a resource without a file to download and then you want to add one you can't.
Create a resource without file > save it > edit it > there is no option to add file

Is it a normal behaviour ?
Well admins would never have that level of control anyway - admins are for the back end.
Moderators are the ones who deal with the front end.

However, in this case, that's correct - moderators don't have permission to change the resource type of resources they are not the author of.
On my site I have administrators who are not moderators, so they have the same permissions as regular members on the front end.

The two roles are distinct.
Yep on big forums it make sense but me i'm alone as staff so i have full right for every permission sections.
But it's a surprise to see there is some action i can't do on my forum, like change resource type or edit resource review from an other member (just for correcting typo for example).
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