XF 1.4 Error Uploading File After Moving to New VPS

Hi :)
I am facing this error when uploading files,

The following error occurred
There was a problem uploading your file.

I am hosting my forum on a VPS,

searched through the forum, every one mentioned about mod_security?
but cant get the steps to fix on a VPS,

can i fix this from my VPS?,
between i am using Cpanel WHM.

i have tried disabling flash uploader, its not working for larger files,

i set max_execution_time is 1800 ,

is this related to max_input_time too?

small files are uploaded but large files are throwing this error,

I have set 64MB as post max size,
files are within 60MB only.

someone give me hint :)

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Since it happens on large files there must be a limit somewhere.

Here are some server settings which might be limiting:

PHP (can be viewed at admin.php?tools/phpinfo):


Incidentally, does it only happen for images or all files? If it's only images then the graphics library might be in play:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Attachments -> Default Image Processor
Hi Jake,
Thank you for response ,
partially i cleared this issue by increasing max_upload_size to 128MB,

still i am getting that error for some files,
Trying mp4 files,
checked with 4 or 5 files,
3 of them uploaded but 2 of them giving error..!!
is there any ways to debug the error??
Please try disabling the Flash uploader in your options to see if it still happens.
When i disable the flash uploader, i got the error,

"The following error occurred
The server responded with an error. The error message is in the JavaScript console.

When i checked with console,
got these following details :(

"PHP <div class="baseHtml"><h4>Template Errors: attachment_upload_overlay</h4><ol>
<li><i>number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given</i> in /home/user/public_html/forum/library/XenForo/Locale.php, line 720</li>
<li><i>number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given</i> in /home/user/public_html/forum/library/XenForo/Locale.php, line 720</li>

{"templateHtml":"\n\n\n\n\n<form action=\"http:\/\/tamilsurabi.com\/forum\/attachments\/do-upload\" method=\"post\"\n\tenctype=\"multipart\/form-data\"\n\tclass=\"formOverlay AutoInlineUploader AttachmentUploadForm NoAutoHeader\"\n\tdata-overlayClass=\"attachmentUploader\">\n\t\n\t<dl class=\"ctrlUnit\">\n\t\t<dt><label for=\"ctrl_upload\">Upload a File (<span title=\"131,096,576 bytes\">Max 125 MB<\/span>):<\/label><\/dt>\n\t\t<dd id=\"SWFUploadContainer\" data-placeholder=\"#SWFUploadPlaceHolder\" data-trigger=\"#ctrl_upload\">\n\t\t\t<span id=\"SWFUploadPlaceHolder\"><\/span>\n\t\t\t<input type=\"file\" name=\"upload\" class=\"textCtrl\" onchange=\"this.blur()\" id=\"ctrl_upload\" \/>\n\t\t\t<input type=\"reset\" value=\"Close\" class=\"OverlayCloser button smallButton\" \/>\n\t\t<\/dd>\n\t<\/dl>\n\t\n\t<div class=\"attachmentConstraints pairsRows\">\n\t\t<dl><dt>Accepted file types:<\/dt> <dd>mp4, avi, mkv, zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, epub, mp3, rar<\/dd><\/dl>\n\t\t\n\t\t\t<dl><dt>Max image width:<\/dt> <dd> pixels<\/dd><\/dl>\n\t\t\n\t\t\n\t\t\t<dl><dt>Max image height:<\/dt> <dd> pixels<\/dd><\/dl>\n\t\t\n\t<\/div>\n\n\t<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"_xfToken\" value=\"1,1426006529,1dceb1afa0f3dac04d8fcff47ae7a689b4bcdac4\" \/>\n\t<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"hash\" value=\"ae67d23e9597b2e3f84ad7d2c1547d42\" \/>\n\t<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"content_type\" value=\"post\" \/>\t\t\t\n\t<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"key\" value=\"\" \/>\n\t<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"content_data[thread_id]\" value=\"546\" \/>\n\t\n\t\n<\/form>","css":{"stylesheets":["attachment_editor"],"urlTemplate":"css.php?css=__sentinel__&style=1&dir=LTR&d=1426005606"},"js":["js\/xenforo\/attachment_editor.js?_v=7b21f29a"],"title":"File Uploader","_visitor_conversationsUnread":"1","_visitor_alertsUnread":"4"}" xenforo.js:230:168

XenForo.activate(%o) [object Object]


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That PHP error is a little weird and one I'll have to see if I can reproduce. It appears to be related to your max image dimensions; it seems they're set to weird values rather than blank or 0?

You likely also want to disable debug mode.