XF 1.5 Error uploading attachment...


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Trying to upload an image using the uploader and it gives me an error. All permissions are good, and we have no attachment add-ons. This is a small 2kb file. I just uploaded it here fine. Not seeing any errors in the error logs.




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If you have access to the error.log of your apache/php, then view the last few entries right after trying it, from CLI/shell: tail -F /var/log/apache2/error.log (or the right one for that domain) and then trigger the error. Might disclose more on what's going wrong.


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So I guess FF automatically included Shockwave Flash when installing?


When I change this to Never Activate, I get a popup dialog box when clicking Upload a File and it will allow me to upload one file... not multiple files.

Is there not something that can be done so XF and FF can get along together and multiple file upload will work?

Another thread said HTML5 uploader would work and was included in 1.5.2 XF ... so why is it not working when I disable Flash?

Another thread said adding certain code to the Extra.css would fix it, although it did not... but later I ready where there was going to be a fix in later versions of XF, which has done come and gone... but it's not fixed.

Is there a plan... am I missing something somewhere?

Tracy Perry

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Is there not something that can be done so XF and FF can get along together and multiple file upload will work?
What version of XenForo are you using?
This should be an option (I only allow HTML5 uploader).
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Of course, if you don't have HTML5 enabled and only the Flash uploader, FF won't work without the Flash addd-on enabled.
Now, the question is what bug in FF is causing HTML5 to not work. Not unexpected as FF is becoming (or has become) the IE of the 2010's. Just as buggy and turning into just as cruddy of a browser as IE used to be.


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I apologize... I was not on the current version of XF... thought we were, but when I looked a closer, realized we were not. Once I updated it, we were all good... and I should have came back here and let you know.

Well I tried Chrome... but man... the tabs on top instead of bottom, formatting issues when pasting in the browser, and there were a few other things that really annoyed me. FF has been awesome for me, especially running a forum and working Facebook with my firearms business.