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Hello all,

I've a problem with entry process limit on my cloud hosting cPanel managed space. In fact it is limited by the hosting service to 60, but as you can see in the graph it exceed too much.
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The question is: Is it normal that XenForo do so much EP at the same time or should be an add-on issue or something else that can be resolved.


Is possibile to set up the web server to manage better EPs?


Have you and idea how to solve this issue without changing hosting service?

Thank you in advance for help.



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Here's how Cloudlinux describes Entry Processes:

EP stands for “Entry Processes”. This is the number of concurrent Apache connections your site can sustain. Don’t confuse this with total number of connections – that could easily be in the hundreds or even thousands. Concurrent means processes happening at the same time. An easy way to visualize this is 20 visitors all clicking a link at the exact same second. You could have hundreds of visitors on your website but the likelihood of more than a handful doing things simultaneously is very low. Sites that hit this limit are generally getting hit hard by bots and crawlers. If your site hits this limit it will display a “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” message.

So either your site is extremely busy or you are getting a DDoS attack or such.


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My experince from shared hosting is not a good one.

I started with TMDHosting Shared Business plan with cPanel and without any previous experience of managing a website. My old forum was at Proboards. At first it seemed to work fine. I had around 600 members and of those less than 100 were online any given time. Usually closer to 75. I was getting 'prepared statement needs to be re-prepared' errors daily. Then I started to hit entry process limits on weekends. These resulted in 503s. I tinkered with Memcached, disabled push-notifications to try to decrease server load, didn't help.

Then I upgraded to shared business cloud. It didn't go smoothly. First of all, they gave me wrong info on how many entry process it had (promised 60, but after upgrading I found it was only 30).

Here is what happened after upgrading:

I gave TMD the go ahead and after about 30 minutes they said the transfer was complete and I received the new NS records. I updated the DNS-name server data but the old server didn't go offline. So users were jumping back and forth between the old server and the new one. It was a nightmare which was solved after I was able to reach the old server by editing hosts file and turning the old forum off from the settings. At least my users knew they had reached the old server after that!

Performance seemed much better at first but my forum grew and I had around 750+ users, hitting maybe 85-90 peak on users online. I got the same problems again and weekends were terrible, probably because of increased traffic to other websites in the shared cloud.

Finally I had enough and made the jump to Contabo VPS L SSD unmanaged server with Plesk Web Admin edition. I have had zero downtime and the server is smooth as silk. Never had a prepared statement error.
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