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As designed Enter key does not work when tagging a user


Well-known member
How to replicate:

Start to tag someone with the @ key. Once you've entered the name of that person, and the menu pops up with users to select, press enter and it will leave a space instead of a new line.



Tested on Google Chrome. Not sure about the other browsers.


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This has actually been around since tagging was implemented. I just thought it was intentional, but we'll see. :)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It is intentional. I definitely wouldn't want a new line appearing there...

Tagging users is generally supposed to be done inline so although sometimes you might want to do:


Thanks for your message

More often than not you might be saying something like:

@oman posted a good message today.

The difference is, certainly on the second scenario, I generally use the keyboard to select the name of the person I'm tagging and then hit enter to confirm. So, I definitely wouldn't want a new line to appear as a result of me using enter to select a user.