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Good afternoon everyone. We are a brand new user about to go live with Xenforo. On our previous site we had trophies given out based on various criteria, allowed certain classes of users to have their names in different colors of their choosing, allowed stars or other images next to their rankings, etc,,. Personally, I don't see the big deal with all of this, but our users loved it and I saw this as a lower priority item to going to live and am surprised by the amount of pushback I am getting from people taking a look at our site asking me to have this added asap before we go live even! I have done some research and find it hard to find one add on that does all of this, and didn't look childish(real trophies for instance) so thought I would ask here. Is there something out there for the users that love all of these kinds of special recogniation any one could recommend that would be easy for a non technical person like me to administer?

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If you want one add-on to take care of all of this, you might need custom work done. Unless their is a add-on i missed in the resource section that puts all of this into one.
I didn't see one to do all either, but I'd be open to a few different ones that would enable us to enrich the user experience. We even used to do a scavenger hunt on our old site and our members loved it...I can't seem to find an addon for that one. I have combed through the addons(as much as one person can trying to bring a site live) and didn't find things that would auto give out cool looking trophies, not the scavenger hunt, nor other things with special recognition(different colored names, stars, etc) easily. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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lol there are two of those apparently Dynasty, hence my quandry.
The best bet here is to put in a add-on request.
I am not sure of when X2 will launch so what i have planned is to wait to get new add-ons developed for my site that work with X2. I am no longer adding to my X1 site.
Best of Luck!
thanks Dynasty. I appreciate your response. With the conversions to XF2 so close, not sure it makes sense to pay for a custom addon for XF1 at this point, and then pay again to change over in a matter of months. Was hoping there was something out there now.....I have found If I do enough research I have found things that work but this one I was hitting some walls on. Thanks again


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Milano's Master Badge addon works well. But its no longer supported, nor offered here. But you can find it through google. I used it.
Thanks ALfa. I found some not supported or offered and didn't want to do that only because we all know it's all a matter of time before each of us moves over to XF2 so to have an unsupported one you know you're going to have to move off in a matter of months and be back to the drawing board didn't make much sense to me
Thanks nirjon. This addon is much more than I waned dealing in currencies and buying powers. Ididnt see h one you said in their lists only something else though so perhaps not the right one it was called credits. None of the others seemed like they could be it
Actually I see that their credits and shop together could do what Iwanted potentially though they are pricey. Looks like theme house has something similar too. ANy one have experience with either of those?