Enhanced Search or Google Custom Search

I'm about to buy XF (finally!) but don't know if I need enhanced search yet.

Do I? :)

It's a brand new forum attached to a blog with moderate traffic. Can I add it later? Is it more to add later?

Also, would Google Custom Search be better?




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That said, enhanced search provides extra functionality/performance even for smaller boards and I know several forums with under 100k posts using it.
We're planning on introducing it at some point, we're at 35K posts and we think it's going to be very useful.


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I have around 100 000 posts on a shared hoster and feel no need for enhanced search. :)
everything is running very well
It's not about reducing load for us, it's the increased result accuracy, unlimited characters and a bunch of little things. Plus we've had a number of people complain about our search even though they love the site.

Although our load is incredibly high for a site of size which is annoying.