Enhanced Report/Request system

lazy llama

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This covers some of the same areas as other suggestions.

For larger boards, the quantity of reports coming in can be difficult to manage and prioritise.

It would be useful to let users assign classifications (or even prefixes) within the report e.g. Spam, Thread Move request, Be Aware etc.

If Reports could then be filtered or searched based on those classifications it would be easier to prioritise or assign them to the right people.
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It would be very useful to get more features for reports, like:
  • let users suggest what action they the staff could take. i.e. move thread to forum X.
  • letting users select which rule is being broken.
  • functionality for staff to apply the action with one click.
  • tie reports to accounts. (similar to usernotes)
  • alert all staff members to a report (without needing to invite them one by one)
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