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Hello! Phases from androidforums.com here. We've recently moved to XF - boy what a ride that was :p - and now that we've been running it a couple of months I wanted to pass some feedback to you guys from our staff. Just an effort to both help us, and XF.

I did a search and found some bits and pieces in here but nothing encompassing so opted to post this new thread.

We have a large staff, nearly 100, 30 or so having access to the report center. There is a discussion internally and here is a quote from the OP of that discussion that I thought I might pass along. They are fair enough suggestions..

  1. You can't like posts in reports, which sounds trivial but was quite important to our previous workflow. (we used it as a bit of a at-a-glance-voting system)
  2. You can't quote posts in reports, which makes complex discussions awkward.
  3. Indeed, you can't use any bbcode/html/etc formatting in reports. (wysiwyg?)
  4. You can't search the reports section for anything except reported user's names, making things rather difficult.
  5. You can't 'watch' a report like you would a thread. So you don't get notifications for replies or changes to report status. There's not even the blue icon indicator for unread posts. This makes it really awkward to follow what's going on in there unless you're going in regularly and checking every thread in there.
  6. You can't modify thread titles in the same way that we used to. You can still mark things as FAO, by assigning them, but I personally found these markings very useful. The novel, interesting and important reports stood out from the 100 other 'move this thread' reports.
  7. You can't comment in a report that is closed without reopening it. I can see the logic in this, but in practice it is not helpful.
I had started a thread in add-on requests for a portion of this but, really it's all important and I think the whole XF community would benefit from most of this so, wanted to post here instead.

I know most or all of this can be resolved by using the "post new thread in forum" feature instead of the RC, but the RC comes with many advancement that the forum community has been dying for as a whole and we hate to pass these up! Having to choose between one or the other is tough, and staff is pretty split down the middle. At the moment, we are sticking with RC.

Feelings won't be hurt if no replies hit this - I know you're all busy. Just feel I need to pass this on. Our staff is working hard to adjust and doing it with smiles on their faces, I'd like to at least pass on the larger stuff like this.

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Nah, as explained we really didn't want to lose RC features. So, we had a developer create what we wanted, and it's great! Likes, quotes, bbcode, links to the forum the content is in, ability to edit report title, watch reports, search reports, comment on closed without it reopening, reopen reports, and more. Most with notifications. It's a vast improvement.

So, all is well. :)