Enhanced insert options: choose images by categories and albums,


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When inserting media into the editor, we get a list of all media.

On my site, users make heavy use of the existing gallery, and have their images organized in many albums. They often reuse the images, i.e. they do not only use the most current uploads, but also images from back in time.

I would like to see filters in place, i.e. via dropdown menus, that allow the user to only show their images from a certain album or their images from a certain category.
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I just wanted to thank @Chris D for picking up that suggestion and making it even more that I hoped for. This is a major point in enabling me to move from vB to xF. Perfect!

Chris D

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Going to leave the suggestion open as it would be nice to have more filtering options here though :)

May not make it for 2.0.