Lack of interest Enhanced Feeds Functionaliy


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I figured I'd make a quick thread with some functionality I would like to see added to the Feeds system.

1) Search terms - If I grab feeds from big sites like BBC, CNN, etc, I'd like to be able to only grab those articles with news interesting for my users, based on keywords.
2) The ability to autmoatically unstick a thread created by a feed after "n" amount of time.
3) The ability to limit the amount of feeds pulled in from a URL.
4) The ability to add a smiley to a thread title.
5) The ability to add a forum-tag to a thread title. (I know they are not implemented as such, but I hope they will be. They're a great way to provide quick oversight of what might be interesting).

Thank thee :)


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The ability to limit the amount of feeds retrieved.

The ability to allow feeds to be retrieved as posts inside a thread that you designate, instead of creating a new topic.