XF 2.3 Any core functionality would profit from http GET cache ?


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XenForo does http GET requests which
  • could be totally avoided when it already has it in the cache and was told to keep it there until much longer than today
  • for repeated requests could return a "you know what, the content you have in your forum is already up to date so I don't even send you the same again" saving bandwith and response time
There is no such core caching functionality at the moment within XenForo and I wonder if XenForos backend would even profit for it. Or whether it already looks up like its own content up where its cached there.
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XenForo already offers guest page caching, which provides caching of GET requests for guests. Caching dynamic content tends to be a bad idea, or at least more complicated than it's really worth. Static resources should always be cached, assuming your web server is configured correctly.
Thanks! I was thinking about the request that XenForo does with Guzzle in its backend for fetching URLs etc. Guzzle does not mind the cache-control response at the moment. I believe there are not that many of these requests so a cache here is not that helpful for most communties.
Oh, we do cache unfurl results and things like that already (just not necessarily by HTTP headers).
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