Not planned English pack needed.

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Fixed that for you.
It is dismissed on the simple basis that we are only shipping, supporting and maintaining a single language going forward and that language is English (US). It doesn't matter whether the language being requested is English (UK), Spanish, French, or Klingon, suggestions for specific translations will be marked as "Not planned".
Yeah got you. Look at the state of all this for asking for a suggestion. Great fun here isn't it?

That moment when you see "professionals" trying to troll on a genuine feature suggestion.


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I mean, @Brogan wasn't even interacting with you or commenting on the suggestion. He was simply making a light hearted joke about the claim that @DragonByte Tech made that no one corrects US English to UK English online.

And I'm not trolling anyone. It's just a statement of fact, to make clear that we're not dismissing a UK English translation specifically - we will not be maintaining or supporting any languages apart from US English. I mentioned Klingon to lighten the tone somewhat.

Anyway, I don't think there's anything else constructive that can be added so we'll just close the thread now.
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