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XF 1.1 Engaged in Conversation


Well-known member
Hey all :)

How can a new member (who hasn't confirmed their account) show as "Engaged in Conversation"?

I have just registered a test user (un-confirmed) and the "Start a Conversation" links are not available to any non-confirmed member. Also, I tried pasting the known link to start a conversation:
..and I was met with a "No Permission" page, as expected.


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I believe (I'd have to verify in code) accessing that page still sets the action, but doesn't mean they are actually doing anything.


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So, is it safe to say (as the links are not visible on profiles) that they are deliberately pasting in the conversation start link?


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Try to match your web server logs with the user's IP and see if there is a referer when s/he access the conversation link.