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webmanifest.php does not have share_target integrated, but it should. Suggestion is to support the share_target of PWA's, even if it is only for android.
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In principle,. I like the idea. How does it work in practice, though? You choose the PWA as a share target and then what? You choose a forum and it creates a post? I think this may involve more than just enabling it in the manifest. There has to be something to handle the incoming data. Xenforo as it is now is not going to know what to do with it.

So I voted it up but I have a gut feeling this is more complicated than just changing the manifest.
I can see an elaborate solution requiring much customization, but I also see an easy path with current state functionality, perhaps just a bit of handler code needs to be made at the end point.

A simple 'new thread' option creating a target to https://xenforo.com/community/forums/-/create-thread which in current JS nature pops a dialog to choose which forum to post in. Something like that can easily be re-created/surfaced in js as well as it's a JS/ajax modal already

flow like:

my device camera -> Share -> XF.com icon / "new thread" as subtext of the icon -> "Which forum?" dialog -> Auto attached to new thread asking for content/title

perhaps the auto-attach is not built in yet but i don't know why the 'shared' item wouldn't be sent as payload. might need some minor tweaking to pick it up and actually do the attaching. a simple test for 'post' to the end point instead of get could trigger looking for the attachment as payload and perform it using already built in functions.
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