XF 2.2 Emojis not showing correctly?

Hi guys! Hopefully somebody can give me a bit of help with a small issue I seem to have developed.

For months I have has emojis in my nav and node titles. It gave a splash of colour to things, it looks great imo.

However as of yesterday some of the emojis now don't show correctly. Why is this? See below. Any help much appreciated!

If they are indeed emojis then @Brogan spotted this and mentioned it to me the other day.

It would seem to be a change in Chrome on Windows whereby emoji render differently depending on the font-weight.

You'll want to force them to a specific font-weight, perhaps by wrapping them in a specific HTML element and a class which you can style in extra.less in order to workaround the issue but the hope is that Chrome (or Windows? 🤷‍♂️) will fix it in due course.
Thanks for all the replies guys!

Could somebody point me in the right direction of fixing this issue? Is there a value for the font weight I can set in my theme settings etc?

Many thanks all!
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