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EmojiOne Smilies 2016-09-23

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idFox submitted a new resource:

EmojiOne Smilies - Xenforo EmojiOne Smilies


Over 1200 SVG smiles, divided by categories:
  • Activity
  • Flags
  • Food
  • Nature
  • Objects
  • People
  • Symbols
  • Travel
XML-files are divided into parts for XenForo import:

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1. Download and unpack archive.
2. Upload smilies.emoji directory to styles/default/xenforo/.
3. Import...

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From your Smilies administration page, do you see this Import button?

If not, are you using an older XenForo version?

Clicking that, you should have an option to import an XML file:


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Just wondering if there's anything that can be done with the emojis being huge in the editor?



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@idFox what are the parameters/specifics for the creation of a SVG file to be used with the import? I wanted to extend the list of smilies by creating my own with Illustrator and save them as SVG but they are displayed as very large in the ACP.


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hey what Smiley manager are you using in this image:

? or how did you make it look so clean.
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awesome to see these new Smilies for xenforo, I tested them and they are working great! :) But I have one problem, when I import a Smiley xml, the preview of the Smiley doesn't show the Smiley.

What cause this? I think the problem are the css, is there a way to display the simlies in the preview? :)

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