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Emoji Smilie Base Pack XML

Emoji Smilie Base Pack XML 1.1

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Thanks for this. Users love them.

FYI--got one error message installing this... said 'confused' smiley name is already in use. It's a default XF emoticon name. I opted to just not import it, but you might consider renaming it.


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How I installed this:

1. Upload emoji.png to your root directory or a publicly accessible images folder.
2. Open EmojiSmilies.xml on your computer
3. Do find and replace on "/styles/default/xenforo/" and replace with "/" if you uploaded to root and "/images/" if you uploaded to the images folder in your root directory (usually public_html)
4. Save the XML file and import that
Thank you for instructions! Where do I import the xml?
they still show up blank .. I'm doing something wrong

this is my root to the where I've added the png


what do I have to write in the XML file?