Fixed Emoji blurriness

Affected version

Steve F

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Seems the emoji's are a bit blurry for me, not sure if it is local to me or others face this too.

Windows 10 / Chrome (Firefox seems fine)

Zooming in/out and back to normal

Using this CSS (not sure if it is actually proper in this case) seems to display better:
image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast;

Zoomed in (after CSS applied - before CSS applied)


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Can confirm on 4K display it produces a much sharper image. Doesn't seem to be the same for Firefox, it already applies good scaling algorithms so any setting different from default there makes image worse.

Chris D

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Produces a much worse image for me:



Which, although blurry (it's something I've had in mind to fix for a bit), I think the rough edges with -webkit-optimize-contrast aren't ideal.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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This should be sorted now for the next release. I have just down a rollout here but there seems to be some quite aggressive caching at play, so give it some time.


That should be a massive difference.

The simple solution was to reduce the sprite width down from 64px to 44px which is exactly 2x the smilie display size and allows the browser to do some more natural scaling without making stuff blurry.

The other benefit to that is that the spritesheet is now 11KB smaller too so win win!