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I wanted to start this thread as a way to finally get an answer to a very basic question I had. I am afraid it's a deal breaker, and if I cannot find a solution - it's VB for me, and my license was simply a donation for legal fees.

All I want to do is embed video that is hosted on my server. I have no interest in YouTube, Vimeo, or other such places. This needs to look professional, and using third party servers isn't exactly professional looking. Also, before anyone suggests it - I have discussed this with Jaxel, and his XenMedio would almost work. The biggest issue is I don't like the look of the single video before being played, and there isn't any sizing available.

I would prefer something like a Flowplayer-type setup. Heck - I would like to use Flowplayer itself it at all possible. I asked this question once before, but the coversation was bouncing back and forth to YouTube, RuTube, and all the other things I don't want. I don't mind if the users embed those videos, but again - the site needs to look professional.

I guess I don't understand what the big deal is? Why is it so difficult to use Flowplayer (Or any other player for that matter) in the forum? I am asking as a non-developer, so dumb it down if you answer please.

But to be honest, this ability seems so 2002. I guess I don't understand why forum software is behind the curve when it comes to this. The biggest issue is that I am opening a forum that teaches technical analysis, and that's best done through video. If I do it through pictures - well....I am just like everyone else.

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I use flowplayer in my xenforo with a bbcode tag I made and you can customize it to fit whatever size constraint you want which will also scale the video in the container.

My BBcode would allow you to embed a local video in a player via custom bbcode. for local the usage for an flv for example would be the name of the video without extension
this can also be changed to whatever you want as far as allowed file paths.
Ok, so for the brainless......

How did you code the BBcode to do this? I understand the concept, but not the implementation. I mean.....what would you put in the code? Also, I assume you uploaded the Flowplayer in your root? I guess what I am asking is how does a non-coder do this?


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I can walk you through setting it up if you would like.... Yes you would need the flowplayer files on your server (or call them from a site that allows you to like code.google.com or something) and the files need to be called in specific places of the forum framework for it to work. LOL I like how you put me and code in the same sentence :)..not something I hear to often... but it was actually very simple if you know how to build a standalone player. Like I said I can walk you through it if you would like. Do you have King Kovifors bbcode manager installed (BBCM) ? If you don't you will need to install that addon first.


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Ok..let me finish my nitrate-rich dinner of kielbasa and I will be ready for this...does in about an hour work for you? This way I don't have to repeat myself because I'm spitting my food all over the place as I mumble incoherently :)


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Any chance you could write this method as a HOWTO? It would help a lot of us neo/pho coders. :)

Thanks for you consideration.



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I kind of did already but it fails to make a few points clear that should be for newbie (you and I), I am kind of new to this myself so I didn't do a good of a job explaining these points as I could...I have now helped someone with a completely different server setup as mine so now I realize my fundamental flaw in my explanation of said embedding mod...

Consider it done...no sense in me having my bbcode posted up there half-assed if no one can follow it now is there? :)
Give me a few hours to a day or so if you can and I will illustrate clearly the way I did it with an explanation of what everything in the code itself is doing along with the changes you will have to make based on your server setup (whether you have your forum in the siteroot or a sub-directory)

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That may do the trick. It is actually audio that I'm looking for but this should get me on the way.

Thank you so much for spelling out the procedure and sharing it with us!



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I have worked out an audio bbcode of sorts but I'm not sure what I should do with it....pc me if you want tool around with it with me on my testbed server.