XF 2.1 Easy solution to post images without using own server space


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OK since I got the approval from admin, here my question

I'm searching for a simple solution or advice how I can do this myself.

Was asked from the admin of exiledkingdoms.com (they changed the engine lately) but actually we have kind of a problem to make usability easy without needing additional space for posted images.

Before we used postimg.cc addon, was a great one click solution, you could add as much pictures as you like without much trouble. So I'm looking for something similar.

It would be nice if user can add pictures or Screenshots with 2-3 clicks like before. We couldn't find any solution like that with xenforo.

It would be at least nice to have an option to add img tag to multiple links, should be easy to make, all it needs is to skip the url and add at beginning and end of each line (like before '\n' for new line) the tags

It would be even better if there would be a solution like with postimage addon or for other hoster.

I'm thankful for any advices, if there is no such solution, tell me please a project who wants the same or how I could do it myself.

I want to make an addon for that problem, of course it will be free for all (open source), any tips or projects I can join?
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