XF 1.4 Emails not being sent?


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All of a sudden, when I test my emails to my main contact email, they are not being received.

It's been the same email address for a few years and always worked however now I don't get them, not in trash, nowhere.

It's the same email for my contact form, and I don't receive those either anymore.



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I just changed the email in the basic board information settings and it worked, however I want to use this other email, what could be the issue please?


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I've just done an MX lookup and then an SMTP test via http://mxtoolbox.com and it appears to be timing out:
Connecting to

SendSMTPCommand: Timeout waiting for response after 15 seconds.

PWS3v2 15970ms
If you don't manage the server yourself, raise a support ticket with your host and ask them to look into it. (y)
Thank you, it's odd as all other emails on this server work and this one even works just not when used on xenforo, anything in particular I should say in the ticket? (sorry I'm not technical)