XF 2 Need A Developer: Confirmation emails not being sent out due to error


I have Xenforo2.2.6. I am having a problem with the confirmation emails. They are not being sent out at all. It used to be before they were sent to spam but nothing is going out even though I have the boxed checked. All of my domains are listed with HostGator. They recently fixed a problem of too many backups that were clogging up disk space but then there was another problem with this when I tried to post something or delete a post.

Post with Error Message2a.jpg

I contacted HostGator about this and they fixed the database on this, but now I still have this problem with the email. It is with two forums. If someone could contact me on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Truncate (empty) and rebuild the search index.

The ACP error log will show any problems with email delivery.
If there are no log entries, the issues lies outside XF.
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