XF 2.1 Emailing users through admin


I want to send 2 emails:

1) An email blast to all members of the forums who have visited this month.

(That part looks easy, I set the criteria for visited and choose dates for this month only, done already sent!)

2) An email blast for all those who have not visited this month.

(Again, I can set the dates for a start date of a year ago and end date of Jan 31st, BUT, those who already got the first email are going to end up getting this email as well because they would have visited back then also. I need to eliminate those who received the first email for visiting this month, make sense?)

What's the best / easiest way to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!


Or maybe it can't be done?

I was thinking, if I could somehow create a temporary secondary group and add all those who have been active this month, then in my second email send to all who are not in that temp group.

Question is, how do I add all those to the group without going through one by one? Is there a way to see a sender list of who I sent an email to after it has been sent? Maybe inside there I can add senders to group?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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You can use the batch update users function to add members to other user groups based on criteria.

You could even set up a promotion so it does it automatically.