XF 1.5 Problems emailing users


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Whenever I try to send a mass email, they all come back as either "Mail delivery deferred: returning mail to sender."


"Mail delivery failed: returning mail to sender."

Seems to be about half and half.

Is this a problem with the email address, or are my settings off in the admin panel? (I have tested the email address and it seems to work fine.)


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Are you getting this in a bounce message? That would seem to be an error from your MTA. It should generally give more detailed explanations, though if not, you may find more details in the raw mail sending logs (depends on what you're using to send email).


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Looks like the deferred ones were just because I exceeded the number of emails my server could send at one time. I can't figure out what caused the failed ones though, as I know some of the email addresses were good.

I have a test account that goes to my personal email, and it was one of the failed ones. But I sent a single email to that account and it arrived in my inbox in less than a second.