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Email Users: HTML emails 0.0.2

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Arty submitted a new resource:

Email Users: HTML emails - New options for sending HTML email to users.

When sending email to users in admin panel, XenForo allows you to send only 1 type of email: plain text or HTML. When sending HTML email, you have no control over plain text version of email.

This add-on gives you more options:
  • You can customize plain text and HTML versions of email separately.
  • You can use BB Code to write email.
  • You can wrap HTML email in standard XenForo email template, so it looks like any other email sent by XenForo.
Add-on also adds preview so...
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Floyd R Turbo

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I was expecting to see a "preview" window in the ACP based on the screenshots in the overview...I take it that was not intended to imply that was incorporated on the ACP page? Or is that not working with 1.5.8?


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Preview is incorporated in ACP page, but its not shown by default. It will automatically appear if you select one of new email options and write some email content.
Ok, so it doesn't look like the other 3 options are there for 1.4.10. Anyway you can look into adding those 3 options for my older version, or just not worth it?

Thanks for the add on as I have been want to use the default XF email wrap for my mass emails.
Also, when doing a manual mass email with this add on, how would I be able to add on the unsubscribe link like the one that is sent out by default like below -

"If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you may disable emails from this thread or disable all emails."


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I've compared code in 1.5.9 to 1.4.10, its pretty much identical. Add-on should work with 1.4.10. Maybe you forgot to change options? New options are shown only if you set email format to "BB Code" or "Plain text and HTML".

Unsubscribe notice: you'll need to add it to end of message. Link it to preferences page.
It doesn't give me the drop down for the other 3 options in 1.4.1 as it does on my 1.5.5 version. Also, when I choose BB code or Plain text and try to send the emails, it goes to a white screen and doesn't email anything. I got this to work perfectly on my 1.5.5 but haven't been able to get it to work on my 1.4.10



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o.k., that is very good news. Is there a way that these core variables will be also visible under the text box as options like it is the case when not using your addon? Currently they are gone.

I tend to forget the variables all the time and it helps if I just can copy&paste them when I need them in the text box....


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I am old...

in which template can i insert them so that I can see them in ACP? I would then also put there my standard footer (text with an unsubscribe link there), so I can copy/paste that too?