[OzzModz] Additional Users to Receive Activity Summary Email

[OzzModz] Additional Users to Receive Activity Summary Email 2.0.1

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[OzzModz] Additional Users to Receive Activity Summary Email - Get a copy of the email yourself

Simple addon that will allow you to define users to receive the activity summary email even if they don't meet the requirements to get one. This can be useful to see what a user might get. Allowing you to further refine the criteria and items you set.

You can add additional users at the seting, ACP--> Options--> Email Options--> Always send a copy of activity summary email to

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So the devs did say that every user would get a bit of a personalized email based on account permissions though I do not think it takes into account what kind of sections he used to participate in.

I assume this would not really affect the majority of the users because most forums are likely to limit mail content to on-topic sections of the forum which are generally accessible to all members (though i suppose some forums do have sections exclusive to paying subscribers?). I do wonder what happens with this add-on WRT user specific permissions.
The email is dynamic but if you want a copy of what you should receive but are logged in too often to get it, this insures you will. Good to just see what is going out in general. Errors, formatting, content.
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It should send the email to you as if you were inactive. So it is sort of personalized to you, or who ever you specified. You as the owner/admin will see every thing a regular user would, plus anything you have permissions above the regular user to view.
You could be sending all HTML errors after an upgrade and nobody says anything, you know, that kind of stuff as well... ;)
This is just a simple but needed tool to see what is going out. Sure you can send a test email from the ACP, but what admin is going to do that every day at the same time the cron runs?

I just installed this addon and entered a testuser in the field. To test this out, I made the follwing settings.


I then started the cron job manually. But no email is coming to the testuser.

Will the email to the testuser not sent out immediately?
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