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Email users > Gmail


Active member
I use the e-mail users feature in ACP to generate a list of e-mails, but it comes out with John Doe johndoe@billbob.com Then when I copy and paste that into gmail I have to go through and remove all the names so it's just e-mail addresses. Has anyone found a workaround for this?


Active member
It does (data > text to columns) but it puts every one in a different column. Then how would I extract every other column to get just the e-mail addresses?

I'm guessing it's another feature of my pretend excel but I can't figure it out. (Spreadsheet ignorance)


Well-known member
You should just be able to copy the list from the ACP and paste it into the spreadsheet and it'll separate it into two columns. It works in Excel and I've just tested it in Google Sheets too.


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Yep. Google sheets worked instantly. Thanks Martok and Brogan. Would be nice to just have a checkbox in the e-mail users to either output e-mails or names independently.