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I know next to nothing about server management except for the fact that my forum hasn't received an email for several years.. Id like to quit using my personal email as my forums contact email address, and begin to use an email that includes my domain.. ie
Interestingly enough the forum itself can send emails ie: alerts and notifications.. from through Gmail however manually sending an email from the actual email client results in return to sender.(turns out i can send emails from that address manually) And as i mentioned previously the email client hasnt recieved a new email in years..

I've set these emails up through my cpanel and at this point i believe it has something to do with an improperly setup email nameserver.. I'm wondering if its possible that because i use google as my domain registrar and their control panel is vastly different then godaddy..

At any rate i'm only guessing and i really have zero idea why its not working ive been trying for over a year to fix this on my own with zero success.. The server is dedicated if that matters..

Please someone throw me a line this is a problem i just cant seem to solve on my own..
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Went on a Monster Energy sponsored troubleshooting spree and finally after a minimum of 2 years solved the issue.. Arghh i hate server related stuff it was a pretty basic MX issue..