XF 2.1 Frustrating email problems - New account confirmation and Contact form

I've been battling this forever. Getting nowhere. Any ideas?

My site is hosted on Godaddy

I'm using the default php send email setting. I've tested using the xenforo admin email test function and it says its working.

My users are always complaining that they don't receive new account confirmation emails, so I tested myself using about 10 different email addresses. I received only 1, which was a Yahoo email address. Never received the others and they are not in Junk/Spam.

The Contact form has never worked. I've never received one contact form submission in the 4 years my site has been running.

I've contacted Godaddy and they tested and said they aren't blocking email send.

Any hints? So frustrating!
Sounds like the server IP address is on various blacklists.

You will need to get a new IP or apply to have the current IP removed from the blacklists.
So presumably that's shared hosting? The best solution is to use a SMTP provider for sending. Otherwise worse you are forever playing catchup with trying to get shared IPs off of a blacklist

I found Postmark is good, but also Amazon SES.

My site is hosted on Godaddy
I doubt they will help much. My host @MattW has a way to make php send go through Sendgrid wich I'm testing on one of my sites and so far seems to be working well.
yup. simplest solution is to outsource email delivery. ses would cost around a dollar for 10,000 mails. as long as you configure it right, email delivery problems would basically become a historic event. here is one of the upcoming changes at gmail that is going to make things even more complicated next year.

I'm using the default php send email setting.
For this to work on most mail accounts likek Gmail and Hotmail, probably the -f parameter is required and best would be that the hostname also has SPF and DKIM, which a lot of shared hosters don't implement.

Normally on shared hosting you also have e-mail for your domain. Smaller forums can best use the SMTP setup for their domain in Xenforo for their e-mail.
Large forums with lots of mails going out, can better use an external mailservice.
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