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I cannot for the life of me work out how to setup my forums with mandrillapp SMTP.

I can do the outgoing emails with no issues but when it comes to setting up the bounced and rejected emails I cannot get anything to work.

I need someone who is experienced with setting this sort of thing up to do it on 3 forums with me today.

I can explain how to do it in PM if you'd like.

Edit: it's basically the following:
  1. Go to yourfourmurl/admin.php?options/list/emailOptions
  2. Scroll down to "Email Transport Method"
  3. Select SMTP
    1. First box is smtp.mandrillapp.com second is 587
    2. Set "Authentation" to "User Name and Password'
      • First box is the username/email that you login into Mandrill with
      • Second is any API key that's on the account
    3. Set "Encryption" to "TLS"
  4. Save and test
If you still have issues shoot me a PM.

SS Example of most below.
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