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Has anyone else noticed any strange pasting issues lately? I'm not exactly sure when I noticed it I'm going to say past day or two, but when I was posting my resources last night, I would go to copy and paste certain things and it would just not work(not paste in)

Again... it was doing it on manager) when I was posting my updates. I also managed to snag a video of it on Admin Extra which I Believe is running 1.3.0 (Stable release).

Here's a video:

In the start, pasting the copied text on the top line with text works, I then remove it(ctrl-z) hit enter, try pasting again no result, enter paste no result. I then type a few letters, pasting between the letters works... but not on a blank line.

Sure enough I can't replicate right now, but it was doing it last night. Maybe a browser issue.


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I experienced it this morning here on XenForo in a Conversation. The paste would not work in Rich Text Editor, I had to select BB Code editor in order to paste some text.

Firefox in OS X.


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There have been some slight tweaks to selection handling when it comes to pasting to fix other browser bugs. That could be related (it's 1.3 only).

I think I may have reproduced this once, but I haven't been able to reproduce it again in all my tries. I did see some slightly weird HTML in that case, but I have absolutely no idea why that would be produced.

Does anyone have any steps that can help produce this? The exact selection/cursor location/pasted text may be significant, so try to be as specific as possible.


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yes i use 1.3 and have same problem, on my test forum use 1.3.1 and not see this error yet


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I've actually had this happen two or three times and had no idea what the hell was going on, but I believe I resolved it in each case by simply refreshing the page - or maybe I had to leave the page and come back to it, I can't remember for sure at this point.


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I'm not sure it's in any way related (probably not), but I have noticed if you've used the code function under General Code and then later try to edit it, whether by manually entering or pasting new code, it won't save the changes. You have to first edit and delete the old code, save, refresh your page, and then edit and enter your new code and save again.


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I have a user who complained he cannot paste anything from his iphone 4S. I can't reproduce it either though...

There is a bug somewhere, I hope someone can reproduce it.