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Editor not working in Chrome

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by Tigratrus, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    Thanks Brogan! :)

    Amazing how many mistakes one can pile up in a hurry when trying to rush through posting 'cause there's a nine year old making you feel guilty about not "being outside yeeeeeeet?!"

    Anyway, glad to see that RC 2 is out. Has anyone reported the editor not working in chrome yet?

  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    In what way?

    I use Chrome and it works fine here and on my site.
  3. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    Weird. I cannot post in Chrome at all. The editor simply doesn't load.

    I also cannot reply to this thread in Chrome, I get:

    XenForo Community - Error

    Please enter a valid message.

    Before you ask, yes, I HAVE dumped cache and done a hard refresh. I'll test in Safari, it's webkit too so it should respond similarly.

  4. Cool

    Cool Active Member

    just typing this with a chrome browser...
  5. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    The plot sickens.

    Safari's seems to be working fine. Obviously it must be something on our end, but dang if I can see what it is atm. Unless it's because we've been playing with IPB and Kier's put in a bit of code to sabotage IPB customers... :: nudge nudge wink wink ::

    Before anyone flies off the handle I know Kier would never do that to Matt, AND it would be kinda self defeating anyway, as the problem is on the XF experience side, not IPB, Kier's smarter than that. :)

  6. Ati

    Ati Active Member

    Trying with Chrome now. Seems to work fine over here.
  7. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Chrome is terrible for caching stuff.
    You might need to do a forced refresh/clear several times before it work properly.
  8. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    Unless... MATT put something in to sabotage XF?!
    :: dramatic crescendo ::
  9. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    Ha! Got it... It's Firebug Lite for Chrome that's making the editor not load on XF.
    Must be a script conflict. Doesn't happen with FF (4.0 B10) and Firebug, so it's specific to the chrome implementation.

    I win. Not sure if it's anything the guys can do anything about, but it's a bonafide XF/Firebug... ahem... bug. :p

  10. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    'Bug Bug thread created.

    Well at least I get to *somewhat* redeem myself from the absurd, frantic hash of posting this morning! :)

  11. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Ah yes, Firebug Lite on Chrome is known for causing problems on pages with JavaScript.

    I disabled it a long time ago.
  12. Tigratrus

    Tigratrus Well-Known Member

    It's very useful for styling work though. We've had OBNOXIOUS problems with FF flat out refusing to let go of cached CSS info, which makes it dang near impossible to use it for CSS/Layout tweaking. ;)


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