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The Eco-Nation
Eco is a game similar to Minecraft but your effect on the environment effect your gameplay. With player driven econmy's and governments. This is a game I found on KickStarter and I backed because it has a very interesting concepy and the effect it's going to have is going to be amazing. I've been talking to the devs and I created The Eco-Nation, a fansite for the game for people who are interested in Eco or for players waiting for the game to be released. The Dev's pop in daily to answer questions and even donated some goodies to help promotion.

Its currently using version 1.4, but will be upgraded to 1.5 soon. The theme for the site is FlatAwesome by @Russ that isn't to heavily modified because I love how FA is naturally. FA is temporary as I am looking at getting a customized theme later down the road. The site is still relativity new but is gaining members, post and threads each day. My goal is to hopefully provide a site for people to come by enjoy them selves, and talk about Eco.

The Eco-Nation


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I haven't a clue what the site is about, being an old fart, but some feedback on the design, namely, have you tried this on a mobile? In responsive the entire screen is filled with your logo area and welcome messages (which I can't seem to dismiss as a guest), and this applies to the recent posts and thread views.

I think it's critical these days with forums to get actual content in front of visitors as soon as you can, rather than having to swipe down a screen or two every page which gets tedious :) That's just an opinion however ;) Other than that, good work.