Early Adopter Special Offer / how to sign-up for this ?


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how do I sign-up for the "Early Adopter Special Offer" already now ?

In case I am not online for those 24hour-timeframe (for whatever private reason), I would like to already sign myself up to buy several licences at this day for the special price.

Please let me know where I can register myself already for this special-offer.
I am willing to pay immediately as well if this is required.

Many thanks,



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They made the comment saying notice would be publicized via twitter/facebook, I honestly think that will be your best bet in getting notified.


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By the sound of things, it is going to be a case of being online at the time. it only requires checking in once a day and they have already said they will give an actual day closer to the date.


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it might happen that I am not around for the next few weeks, so I was wondering if I could pre-register for the "Special Sale".
Paying immediately if required is not an issue.



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Next week I will be sent on assignment to some remote area where I may not have Internet access. If possible, I would like to pre-pay for one copy of xF.