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Okay, so I upgraded CODForums to 1.4.1 a while ago, and lately, I've been getting "Contact Us" spam.

*scratches head* Okay so, I got these e-mails that you normally get on the actual forum. The subject title consists of random letters and whatnot like this "lasdjflkas" and the person puts MY e-mail address in whatever field - to act like it was sent from the "Contact Us" form.

I'm trying to block these spam attempts in cpanel, but it blocks my e-mail address. (**** you spammers)

My suggestion is to have a log for these emails. With IP address next to the e-mail receipt so I can IP discourage/ban the user.

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I realize there's a fix somewhat for this via "from" option.
I can't upgrade CODForums to 1.4.2 because that version was conveniently released shortly after my renewal was up. GAH.

That said, I've upgraded my 5 other licenses to 1.4.2, and applied the "from" option. ;)


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1.4.2 logs/displays the IP of the sender, which appears to implement your suggestion.

(If it's automated spam, you should be using a CAPTCHA as well.)


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(If it's automated spam, you should be using a CAPTCHA as well.)
It's already in, via SolveMedia. Shouldn't be a problem. But somehow they get through. I guess I'll have to sacrifice the "I prefer Revenue" in exchange for security in SolveMedia control panel.

I wanna test this log thing. Hm.

EDIT: So, I sent an e-mail via contact us form to myself on a 1.4.2 forum, and I don't see this log?
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