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Can anyone recommend a way to clean up XenForo user accounts by pre-checking if the e-mail address bounces? I'm aware of services like that have been mentioned on here, but I can't see a way to integrate this with Xenforo to clean up old accounts.

I found an old non-supported plugin for XF2, but it appears that this no longer works.

How are you all keeping your accounts free from hard-bounced addresses?
A few years ago I exported only my user emails to a separate csv file and sent them to Zerobounce to have them checked. At the time I had been on Xenforo, but migrated from vb and acquired/imported a competitor site, representing user data going back over a decade. They did find problems.

I put the bad emails in a separate query, moved resulting the users to another primary group using another process, and eventually cared for them in different ways.

Today, if a new user registers and doesn't confirm, the profile is eventually deleted using a separate addon. I use a separate outbound SMTP service that does a good job of handling the bounces that happen from registrations using bad email addresses.
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