XF 1.5 Duplicating custom field choices/values

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I am trying to create a near duplicate custom field - that is, create a new custom user field but duplicate the all of the possible values/choices of an existing through a MySQL query, rather than manually recreating the questions (due to the number of choices this would take hours).

I have a handful of custom field questions that have 30+ answers. I could use some help creating a database query to copy the custom field values/answers from an existing question into a brand new question, or to simply query a list of custom fields into a question I've already created.

Say I create a new custom field with 30+ checkbox options How could I query the database to add the possible choices?

Would it be better to run a query or simply duplicate the table and rename the field_id?

P.S. the value choices available for both custom fields - the old and the new - should always be the same. User choice selections will vary (i.e. what are your strengths? what are your weaknesses?)


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So I'm going to try copying the table and inserting it as a new row.

When attempting to simply copy the row, I get the following error:

#1364 - Field 'field_choices' doesn't have a default value

This is when copying an existing row that should have 30+ values for field_choices.


INSERT INTO `database_name`.`xf_user_field` (
`field_id` ,
`display_group` ,
`display_order` ,
`field_type` ,
`match_type` ,
`match_regex` ,
`match_callback_class` ,
`match_callback_method` ,
`max_length` ,
`required` ,
`show_registration` ,
`user_editable` ,
`viewable_profile` ,
`viewable_message` ,
`display_template` ,
`moderator_editable` ,
'77726974696e675f67656e7265', 'custom', '11', 'select', 'none', '', '', '', '0', '0', '1', 'yes', '1', '0', '', '0', '1'

My questions are:

1. What is the insert value (and existing value for the existing field) a string of characters (7772697...) instead of the field_id like writing_genres?
2. If I view the field I want to copy, for field_choices there is [BLOB - 916] My understanding is this is a binary compilation of all of the field_choices options? When copying the table, for the MySQL function should I select BIN?

I wouldn't have much problem editing the above query except I don't know how to properly list/include all of the field_choices.