XF 1.2 Duplicate / Multiple Post Numbers In Thread - RESOLVED


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Ok, this is super odd and I stumbled on it today. I see this in a bunch of my threads and I have no idea how to fix it. We had some server hiccups yesterday which may have caused this to happen, but I have no idea how to fix it.

  • Multiple threads affected
  • Same post number over and over... up to 6 times in one thread
  • It's not duplicates of the same post, it is actually different posts with the same post number
  • Hovering over the post numbers gives unique hard links to the individual posts
Again, I'm guessing the server hiccups caused the problem. Any ideas how to fix it? Is there some cache rebuild or DB cleanup I should run?
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Rebuild the thread information and select "Rebuild position and post counters".

That said, ideally you would want to identify why this happened -- I would guess a bad add-on but it could be virtually anything really.


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Thanks Mike, that did the trick!

We've been having some server issues for the past couple of days and today there have been a bunch of duplicate posts, so I think there's probably a connection.