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Unmaintained [DS] Auto Lock Threads 2.2.1

Let your threads being locked automatically

  1. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

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  2. Kintaro

    Kintaro Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to limit all the threads (old and future ones) in a specific forum?
  3. DomainArchitect.com

    DomainArchitect.com Active Member

    Is it possible to automatically lock all threads in certain forums after a X number of days following their creation date or inactivity?
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  4. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

    Actually, this release doesn't support locking all threads in specific forums. I am working around how to do it, so any suggestions on what you would like to see on ACP for that feature is appreciated :)

    The suggestion to lock all threads based in date creation/inactivity date is interesting, I will look at it as well.
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  5. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

  6. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

  7. Trekkan

    Trekkan Well-Known Member

    There's no attachment
  8. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

  9. Archet

    Archet Member

    There is something fishy going on here..

    "The requested attachment could not be found."
  10. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

    Yes, there is. I posted in the bug thread. I uploaded it twice, and it is not showing at all :(
  11. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

  12. Wesker

    Wesker Well-Known Member

    Any updates on updating it so it auto locks after x amount of days? Let me know what it will take to help you get this done :)

    Thanks Darksign!
  13. Phillip

    Phillip Active Member

    Yes, ideally all threads (past and present) will be locked after a specified number of days.

    It would also be nice to have a notice displayed automatically on threads that the add-on closed to alert the user that a thread is closed and to either start a new discussion or contact a moderator to open an old thread.
  14. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure you can Auto-Lock after "x" amount of days:


    3rd option, just post the amount of days you want.
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  15. Wesker

    Wesker Well-Known Member

    Yes it does auto lock for amount of days, but we need ALL threads locked after x amount of days.

    Really is an useful tool so we can filter those active and inactive so others don't waste their time replying to them.
  16. Gabriel Pinho

    Gabriel Pinho Member

    By max post work fine... but when i define but limit time, show this error. Anyone know whats the issue?

  17. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

    No update on the feature so far. I have been busy with college assignment and paid freelance works. As this is a free add-on, its development is not a high priority for now. But I am keeping notes of all requests.

    That is what I am thinking. To make an option on ACP that will be "Auto Lock all threads after X days from creation date". Is that it? Or are you thinking about making a range of threads to be closed after X days? Starting from creation time, or from the time that it is set? Depending on the answer, it will be easy/hard to do :rolleyes:

    Another bug? Oh my, I will take a look at it. I didn't have problems, but I will test it on other installations, and address this issue as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know.
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  18. Phillip

    Phillip Active Member

    I would like to see all existing or new threads locked if the last post in the thread is older than a specified number of days. Creation date and last post date could lead to different results, so you'll get a more accurate result if you go by last post date.
  19. DarkSign

    DarkSign Active Member

    Ah, I understood! Will look at how to do it. I know I need to learn how to make a Cron Job for such situations. Right now, the add-on auto locks after sending the reply, but for this case, a Cron Job is required. Thanks.
  20. Wesker

    Wesker Well-Known Member


    What I and a few other people need to do is lock threads X amount of days after they were created.

    Example: Lock 30 Days After Thread is Created In A Specific Forum or All Forums. Of course an exception could be if he bumps the thread but if that is to hard to program than just locking threads automatically from the time created is what we need. This should be automatic and can either apply to all forums or a specific forum or whatever is easier for you, it doesn't matter to me.

    What will it take for you to get this done even though I know you're busy but just let us know what it will take from us ;)

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