XF 1.4 dropping paid members why and can i fix it

Ian S

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hi all, i just noticed on our dev xf site, after a fresh import from vb, that paid members/poss moderator not sure on this, maybe all usergroups?? but deffo paid members once there membership runs out they become total non members and have to re register, and all there stuff seems to be dropped, is there a way of changing it, maybe in all usergroup permission that once there paid membership runs out it simply returns them to a registered member and all there posts and thread counts are not reset to 0

as always thanx in advance(y)


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Paid subscriptions need to be repurchased on XenForo. The current promotion is transferred, recurring ones will not function.

Ian S

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but the data from there post, threads is dropped if they renew on xf before the end period then, there wont be any problems?