Fixed Draft saved after thread creation


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Sometimes when you create a thread a draft is saved. So when you create another thread you see already filled text fields.


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I just created a thread and waited until it said saved draft and then posted it. Went to post another thread but all was good. I had no draft show up.


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In the same way drafts of posts are thread specific, drafts of threads are forum specific.

If you attempt to create a thread in the Bug Reports forum but don't post it, the draft will only show up if you attempt to create a thread again in that particular forum. I believe drafts are pruned after 24 hours.

The easy way around this is to just hit the "Delete draft" button before you leave the page.



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Mike describes the process here:
Mike said:
Auto save drafts
While you are typing a message, every X seconds (currently 60), a draft of your message will be saved. If you reload the page later, your message will be automatically re-shown. Drafts will be automatically pruned over time.
Each draft is associated with a particular piece of content, such as a thread, forum, or conversations. A draft reply that you start working on in thread 1 will not be shown to thread 2 and so forth.