Downgrade XF2 to XF1 without losing Members DB?


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Just curious because I havent seen this posted here yet unless I passed it by.
Is it possible to downgrade without losing the members database?

Dnyan Deshmukh

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No one will going to downgrade for sure, i don't have any doubt in it.

But if say 99.99% are happy and remaining fraction might want to downgrade or say there is 1 person (other than me) want to downgrade his/ her forum.

He will get shock, scared to know about this.

Ha ha ha
Even i never think of downgrade, but this question scared me. Think of person who wants to downgrade.


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A forum backup should always be made before any upgrade, especially for a major one like XF 1.x to 2.0. Really admins should have a test site to perform any add-on installs/upgrades of forum upgrades first and then test them out there before they go anywhere near their live sites. This is essential for a major upgrade like this one. This isn't a new suggestion, it's been said dozens of times by the staff here and by other admins and it's not surprising there's little sympathy from others when someone ignores all of this and then gets into issues following a forum upgrade.

Chris D

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It has never been possible to downgrade one XF version to another and so far the 0.01% haven't minded too much. It's pretty much a technical impossibility to reverse some of the changes we've made once they've been changed.


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There's a difference between downgrading and "undoing" an upgrade.

If you need to undo an upgrade, you revert to the backup you took before starting the upgrade. That's it. Done.

The other scenario is someone uses XF2 for months, acquires new users, posts, etc but then decides they want to downgrade to XF1. That's not possible to do but as Chris points out there's a good reason it's not possible.