Design issue Double quote box when using [...] in quote?


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I'm actually not sure this is meant to be this way or a bug. I just quoted someone, and because I removed some of his post in the quote, I used [...] to clarify this. When it was posted, the single quote turned into two quote boxes, one with the [...] and the other one with the original text in it.

So is this a bug or is it meant to function that way?


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Ok so clearly the problem occurs on Safari 5.0.1 OS X, and only when the "[...]" is on the first line, and the rest of the quoted post is on the second line.


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It was not until I just edited some unwanted linebreaks (beneath the quote) that the problem of split quotings appeared.
So to be clear (if it wasn't already): it had in my case nothing to do with using the '[...]' characters as dutchbb is reporting in the OP. Another example which just happened to me:

And here another one:

It's very easy reproducible:

On the last example I:

  • Constructed a post (A) with 1 single textline,
  • then went to another post of mine from another thread and pressed 'Reply',
  • in the Quick Reply post I selected the whole quote [Ctrl-A] that is presented and copied it with [Ctrl-Ins],
  • went back to post (A), pressed Edit and pasted [Shift-Ins] the quote below the 1 single textline and pressed [Save Changes],
  • repeated this last step to paste the same quote below the first quote and then...
... the problem occurs. I use the WYSIWYG editor throughout.

Newly added: I just tried doing exactly the same with the standard editor and then the issue does NOT happen. See here: