Design issue Double quote box when using [...] in quote?


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I'm actually not sure this is meant to be this way or a bug. I just quoted someone, and because I removed some of his post in the quote, I used [...] to clarify this. When it was posted, the single quote turned into two quote boxes, one with the [...] and the other one with the original text in it.

So is this a bug or is it meant to function that way?


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Ok so clearly the problem occurs on Safari 5.0.1 OS X, and only when the "[...]" is on the first line, and the rest of the quoted post is on the second line.


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Edit: Unless it's something to do with going across a page, it seems ok in FF3.6.8, W7 64bit?
^ Chrome stable on Win 7.

Seems like it is a JavaScript thing, probably with BBCode parsing. Have fun debugging that one! :p


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This has happened to me a few times (quotes splitting), I'm sure it was reported also!


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It's really because the BB codes are mis-nested. It is a nightmare to try to resolve.


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Should go with the standard textbox editor then build your own WYSIWYG editor when you get time. I'm using the plain text one, it's easier. Be so much better if it had buttons though.


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It was not until I just edited some unwanted linebreaks (beneath the quote) that the problem of split quotings appeared.
So to be clear (if it wasn't already): it had in my case nothing to do with using the '[...]' characters as dutchbb is reporting in the OP. Another example which just happened to me:

And here another one:

It's very easy reproducible:

On the last example I:

  • Constructed a post (A) with 1 single textline,
  • then went to another post of mine from another thread and pressed 'Reply',
  • in the Quick Reply post I selected the whole quote [Ctrl-A] that is presented and copied it with [Ctrl-Ins],
  • went back to post (A), pressed Edit and pasted [Shift-Ins] the quote below the 1 single textline and pressed [Save Changes],
  • repeated this last step to paste the same quote below the first quote and then...
... the problem occurs. I use the WYSIWYG editor throughout.

Newly added: I just tried doing exactly the same with the standard editor and then the issue does NOT happen. See here: