Does XenForo Have These Features?


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I've used XenForo for a long time now but I'm unaware of a few things...

Does XenForo provide the ability to change someones usergroup at x amount of posts? I don't mean adding them to another usergroup, I mean actually changing their usergroup.

I was also wondering if XenForo has any permissions for usergroups not being able to post links within posts. I'm getting more and more sign ups just to post links and leave so I was hoping to set it up so you cannot post links until 15 posts.

I am also wondering if it's possible to users not be able to set a signature but instead of the option not appearing it does and allows a message explaining you must reach x amount of posts.



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1) XenForo 1.1 added Usergroup Promotions.

2) I found some suggestions on code hacking, but no plugins to do this.

3) You can restrict Signature editing by usergroup. To add a message would require some modifications.

1) I know, I'm currently using it and it does work but not well. It adds them into another usergroup which has the permission to edit signature but it would make much more sense to change the usergroup.

2)Ah, I'll have to keep looking into that then.

3) I guess I'll have to have something developed although it would be something that should be added into permissions :\