XF 1.1 Does "User Group Promotion" Remove the Existing User Group Assigned to Users?


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Currently, newly registered and verified users will be categorised in the group of "Newbie". I created a Promotion where if a user has posted at least 10 messages, he will be promoted to the group of "Advanced Member".

I was wondering, whenever a user is being promoted to the group "Advanced Member", does his previous group "Newbie" removed from his profile or he will have both groups assigned to him and I need to manually remove the "Newbie" from him?

Thanks in advanced! :)

Jake Bunce

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It will be added as a secondary group. Promotions are always secondary. It does not remove the previous group, nor is there a need to if your permissions are setup correctly. Normally a new group would just add more Allowed permissions. Permissions are additive unless you use Never or Revoke which are subtractive.