XF 1.5 Does "Recent Activity" the same thing as "Current Activity"?


In my profile (on my own site) I have made sure that the "show your current activity" option is not checked, but in my profile page there is still a "recent activity" tab and list all my recent activity. Is it possible for a forum member to remove this, I think it has some privacy issue in some case. I mean to give the members a choice whether to show it or not
Current activity shows what you are doing right now. This can include managing account details, being engaged in Conversation and so on. The Recent Activity tab only shows things that are 'recorded' on the forums, such as replying to threads, liking posts, posting on people's profiles. Others will only see things in the Recent Activity tab that they have permission to, so if you post in a thread in a forum that someone cannot see, they will not see that on the Recent Activity tab.

As such, I'm not sure that the Recent Activity tab is a privacy issue in that there are other ways of seeing the same information e.g. Recent Activity in the Members section, searching for posts etc by a member. If a member is really bothered, they can always restrict who can view their profile.
Mortok, thanks for reply. I'm recently setting up the forum site and I have to make a lot of test posts, reply and delete them. I don't want people to see these activities, as an admin, is there a way to clear these history log?
If the posts have been soft deleted then only those members with the permission to view deleted posts will see them - typically moderators.

If the posts have been hard deleted then they are gone.

Personally I would have taken a backup of the clean installation before making any test posts, etc.
Then it can just be imported once all tests are finished.
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