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  1. M

    How to display custom content types in xf_news_feed as Recent Activity (NewsFeed)?

    I've been searching around the Xenforo forums and can't find how to have Xenforo display a custom content type as a news feed item. Would anybody have any pointers or know of any good tutorials that will do this? I already have got as far as having the custom news feed data inserted into the...
  2. P

    XF 1.5 Recent Activity template

    Hi all, had a problem I was hoping you could help with. I'm trying to put the global news feed into another template for use on a different page. I have this code put into the template: <div class="newsFeed"> <xen:include template="news_feed"> <xen:set...
  3. Alpha1

    Global Newsfeed (recent-activity) Filters & Compact Mode

    The XF Global Newsfeed (recent-activity) is really great as it shows all new content from any content type. But IMHO it's too chaotic to become popular. By providing no way to filter between useful data and irrelevant data people are just not using it. Please add a way to filter...
  4. Alpha1

    Implemented 'Show More' button on Recent Activity

    The number of Recent Activity entries is limited. Please add a 'Show More' button so that users can load / see more recent activity.
  5. kingjavo

    XF 1.5 Exclude Users or User Groups from Member Recent Activity Page

    Is there an easy way to exclude certain users or user groups from showing up on the Recent Activity page? I've searched for this topic prior to posting and found a custom solution by using conditional statements or making the users a Guest. Are there any other methods to use as it would be...
  6. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Recent Activity screen: increase number of items displayed?

    Is there a way to increase the number of items displayed on the "Recent Activity" screen before one has to click the "Show older items" button? Thank U...
  7. Nobitakung

    XF 1.5 Does "Recent Activity" the same thing as "Current Activity"?

    In my profile (on my own site) I have made sure that the "show your current activity" option is not checked, but in my profile page there is still a "recent activity" tab and list all my recent activity. Is it possible for a forum member to remove this, I think it has some privacy issue in some...
  8. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to exlcude a forum's activity to be shown in recent activity page

    Hi, I want to exclude any activity of FORUM1 from being listed and shown in recent activity page. Is it possible? If yes, how? Any opinion will be appreciated. Regards, Hamed
  9. erich37

    Lack of interest Recent Activity / Show Tags

    Suggestion: Recent Activity / Show Tags :)
  10. erich37

    Tabs for "Recent Activity"

    Suggestion: Add Tabs for "Recent Activity" --------------------- ---------------------
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