Does it support a 1000 forums?


I need to have forum for each company in India? vBulletin does not support it. How about XenForo. Will it's design slow it down?

Any idea?


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From what I recall, some things will be taxing, like the quick navigation feature (that might be removed in XF2, actually, since I don't see it anywhere).

But 1000 forums is very excessive. Even the prefix capabilities would not be the ideal solution for this. Tagging is probably your best bet, with some custom add-ons to emphasise the tagging more, or tag based categories even, but 1000 forums would indicate a design problem tbh.

Also, there's only 1000 companies in India?


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Honestly, sounds like you should refer to the tagging system.

Forums in general, not just on XenForo, aren't really suitable for your use case. Even if there is negligible performance impact as a result of having such a large number of forums, the UX as a result is not going to be very nice.


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I have 1200 subforums. It works fine. I would not recommend it though as it gets hard to do the permissions. In the back-end its a bit slow but the front-end stays fast.


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You should be fine. I had about as many subforums as MGN when I first switched to XF from SMF and didn't notice any impact on performance. My problem with importing that many subforums was that it was a pain to reorder any of them because of the way you had to number each subforum in XF to get them to display in the order you wanted them; but you wouldn't have this issue with XF 2.0 since it allows drag and drop with the forums/nodes. Also permissions probably won't really be a problem unless you're setting special permissions on most of your nodes.

I've since deleted a lot of subforums and begun using a lot more prefixes, so that's something you might want to think about utilizing more of where you can, as Tracy suggested. Or tagging.

EDIT: Noticed in another post you mentioned wanting to eventually have a many as a million subforums. That probably would be overdoing it. :eek:
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EDIT: Noticed in another post you mentioned wanting to eventually have a many as a million subforums. That probably would be overdoing it.
Let's hope its a mass import because adding 1 million forums is 694 days of continuous non-stop work and that's allowing a very generous 1 minute per forum.


I feel happy that XF supports so many forums and it's speed will be fine at least the front end. XF is really good forum, i missed it for long


I've got better idea.

I'll have a tag for every company+product combo.

So for Samsung-Mobile I'll create a tag : samsung-mobile

To have user select it, I'll create a popup asking them to select company and then show it's corresponding products and combine both to map to pre-established tag id : company-product.

Is this idea feasible?

Like that of Stackexchange sites?

Using this technique I'll have limited forums at the same time created focused forums.

Only that for each url of tag company+product POST new thread should already have this tag pre-populated.

I hope it should be straight forward by inserting a js file in the relevant template( something like forum create)


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You make it sound like you’re expecting users to be creating thousands/millions of threads. Unless you’re already running the largest forum in India (the world?) then all of this sounds like overkill by a massive amount.

If you’re generating all these thousands of threads yourself, you’re going to end up with thousands of empty threads with no replies.

I think people can’t really offer you advice until we know what you’re trying to achieve. What’s your forums focus? What are you trying to achieve?