Do You Volunteer?


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I volunteer at my childrens school and recently I have started volunteering at a local nursing home. Its partly selfish of me though it makes me feel good after every visit. I love it, it is feeding my spirituality and giving back and what I love the most is the look of happiness I am able to give even if its to one person.


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Yes, all the time. I been part of many volunteering activity in many local organization. Such as recycling, planting in local garden, or motivating children and adult to stay away from junk food. I also I volunteer in many website where I answer user's question off course if I can :)


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Recently started doing some volunteerin in a foundation. I'm selling my soul 5 days a week, 2 days to cleanse it :)


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And what is it exactly that you do to make a person that happy if I may ask?
I volunteer in a nursing home all I do is sit and talk to them and listen to them. You will be surprised how much just listening to a person can make them feel.

I also volunteer at my childrens school and again helping them out with projects (they are 8 year olds) praising their efforts that alone puts a smile on their faces.